June 22, 2007

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June 15, 2007

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April 16, 2007

  • A hectic few weeks

    Man alive, it’s been awhile since i’ve last written. my apologies, as it’s been a hectic few weeks. :)

    where to begin?? so i’ve been on this crazy radio promo tour for thepast month, traveling from city to city like some sort of door to doorsalesman, playing new music for any and everyone. While it’s been a bitstrenuous at times in regards to schedule, i’ve met some incrediblysupportive new friends. the response has been extremely positive and ican’t wait this record to finally come out! btw–you can now purchasethe single, “extraordinary” on itunes. :) yeah! very exciting for lil’,old me. the video is also being finished as speak and will be outmomentarily.

    what else? ahhh….my cumbersome walking cast. yes, i fractured myankle jumping off of a boat during a photoshoot in mexico and iaccidently landed wrong. to make matters worse, i was traipsing aroundairport, etc… (in pain) on for a month without knowing that i hadactually hurt myself. ooops. i definitely got reprimanded from thedoctor for that one. i occasionally take my “boot” off to perform orwear heels (terrible, i know) but i’m making an effort to try and healas quickly as possible beyond that.

    also wanted to thank some of you sweet souls for the lovely birthdaywishes you sent me. how thoughtful! i celebrated bi-coastly, with aquaint dinner party in la and then another dinner gathering in nyc onmy actual birthday. i am certainly lucky to have such wonderful friendsin my life—being with the ones you love is what those days are allabout.

    we (as in the band and i) also got to participate in an amazingawards ceremony called “the brick awards” while we were in nyc and werebeyond inspired/honored to acknowledge and celebrate young people doingsuch good in the world. it’s on the CW network tonight (thursday) and idefinitely recommend checking it out. have the tissues prepared. :)

    so many other things going on but that’s all i got for now…..offon more radio tour dates next week. i’ll be better with checking in this




March 12, 2007

  • birth certificate : )

    Current mood: happy

    I thought I should be the first to inform you that I, mandy moore, hold
    in my hands a birth certificate.

    It reads that I “was present to name, tenderly hold and safely release
    HANK”, my new baby seaturtle son of the golfina species. It’s true, hank
    and I didn’t have nearly enough time to bond before I had to gently coax
    him towards his ocean home but I know in my heart of hearts that he’s a
    I’m not sure why the name “hank” spoke to me but once I locked eyes with
    him it was a done deal. He was ridiculously adorable, by the way.
    Ok, so we’re in mexico for work once again (I’m a lucky, lucky girl) and
    were informed by the hotel staff that the baby sea turtles had just
    hatched in the incubators and we were welcome to help release them just
    after sunset. I mean—who wouldn’t jump at that chance?? Basically we
    all gathered on the beach and everyone was allowed to select a baby and
    name him (they were all males). After a few photos (which I’ll post) we
    walked to the edge of the surf and set them down and encouraged them to
    waddle towards the water (trying to erase the idea that statistically 1
    or 2 out of 100 babies will end up surviving). Although it’s kinda mind
    boggling to think that these same turtles will return to the exact piece
    of beach 20 years from now to lay eggs and repeat the cycle!!!
    All in all, I was honored to be a part of such a special/symbolic act.

    Be well and send hank some good thoughts!


  • Pablo the Dog

    So far, 2007 has been a pretty glamorous year for me. Between Sundance,

    Paris and plenty of other stops in between, I’ve been racking up the
    frequent flier miles.
    This past week was no exception as I made my way to Tulum, Mexico for an
    ELLE magazine photoshoot. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of
    visiting, let me tell you: it’s pretty incredible. I managed to get past the
    idea of all the creepy crawlies (beetles, ants, spiders, mosquitos, etc)
    living with me in my room and relax/enjoy all the swimming and yummy food in
    between shots. I loved it!!!!!
    However, there was no way of predicting that our “rag-tag” group would end
    up rescuing a scrawny dog off the street and bringing him home to NYC. Fyi:
    pablo is adjusting to his new home and life quite well.

    All in all, a very successful trip. :)


  • J’adore Paris!!

    Without a doubt, I could live in Paris. I love it more and more with
    each visit. While the first 24 hours there were a tad hectic (to say
    the least), I rewarded myself with “A Few Days Down” in my favorite

    Sundance to New York. New York to a red-eye flight to Paris
    and straight off the plane into a photo shoot for Vanity Fair was
    deserving of at least a couple of good days of shopping. And so the
    fun/work began…..:)

    Paris has some of the best vintage
    shopping in my opinion (a personal favorite). I must say, I was pretty
    thankful to Sophia Coppola (who was kind enough to mention a few of her
    favorite shops in a New York Times article I read a while back) and I
    ended up following her “lead” around town. I am also always thankful
    for concierges who are somehow able to conjure up big enough boxes to
    ship stuff home. That way, I leave feeling good about going home with
    the same amount of luggage I started with……..

    definitely the city in which I want to spend time writing future music.
    The flea market!! The wine and cheese!!! The language!!! I made a pact
    with my friend Ed that I would live in Paris sometime within the next 2
    years. Here’s hoping I can keep my word. I’m starting french lessons as
    soon as I’m home for more than a day.

    OK, OK…..I’m off to
    get ready for the “Because I Said So” Premiere. My best friends from
    NYC (Raina and Heather) are in town to attend with me…..
    VERY exciting. :)



January 22, 2007

  • Extraordinary

    There are times when everyone hits a point of wanting and knowing they can go beyond what they deem their limits to be. Personally, it took me a while to come to this conclusion and it was quite a bold move for me to make. I consider myself to be pretty shy and have trouble expressing myself in certain situations, so writing this song is one of the most honest, humble things I have ever done and said in my life. To anyone. It felt as good to sing it as it did to write it.